Contemplative practices for laypeople?
The founders of Centering Prayer were enamored with Zen Buddhism and sadly the Trappists strayed far from their Catholic roots and started looking to Buddhism, Hindusim, Enneagram, Jungian psychology and practically everything except traditional Catholic sources for prayer in the last century. I personally find the Cloud of Unknowing to be difficult to read and understand and would rather say the Jesus Prayer or the Rosary. Many Catholics who defend books like the Cloud of Unknowing, at least in my experience, are liberals enamored with Zen, Hindusim, neo paganism, whatever, anything but Catholicism in the traditional sense. Perhaps it's salvageable(the Cloud of Unknowing) but when there are already plenty of great Catholic devotions and prayers both from the traditions of the East and the West (and by East I do not mean Buddhism and Hinduism) why go for a practice set up by post Vatican II monastics who were known to have Zen monks give retreats in their monasteries?

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