It's time to clean up the grill and crank it up.  I go with charcoal.  I've been thinking about chicken thighs.  The lean stuff doesn't seem to do very well on the grill.  What's your favorite grilling recipes and techniques? 

Montreal Steak Spice on everything.
Heaps and heaps of it!
Propane here.  Best grill recipes are simple......good meat, and a little marinade.

Pork chops with Lawry's seasoned salt.  Quality bratwurst.

Roasted corn on the cob is unbeatable.  Roasted veggie combinations good, too...get those aluminum foil pouches, toss up a buncha onions & peppers in some olive oil, salt, and, pepper, and cook 'em up.

There isn't much that isn't better grilled.  St. Lawrence might not agree.

And yes, I did move from the People's Republic of Massachusetts to Georgia in order to have year-round grilling weather!  :laughing:
I like smoking beef.

And my goto sauce is Stubs.  The Original and the Hickory are great.  The Original is like the stuff in Ark. called McClards.  Good sauce.

And I use Mesquite wood.  Hickory if I have to.

[Image: McClards-Bar-B-Q-007.jpg]
The chicken thighs turned out great.  Plenty of fat on those.  So, you just slap them on the grill for 10 minutes, flip and coat tops with bbq sauce.  Cook for 20 and flip again and coat again.  Then cook for 10 or so and when the meat thermometer says, 185+ they are good to go.  Then flip them on to a plate and coat again, while they cool.  Extra crispy, tasty and juicy! 

I want ribs.
Sugar free bbq sauce. 

Hunt's no sugar added spaghetti sauce.  Jazz that up with some mushrooms, onions, oregano and fresh garlic sauted in olive oil.  Add some mustard, salt and a whole lot of Splenda!  :laughing:
Quote: I want ribs.

Isn't that sweet?  Already hinting at Rose.

Actually, it's the man's job to man the grill/smoker.  You and your buds gather round the grill, drink some beers, and tell lies about fishing.  Abusing a little tobacco if you are in to that. 

Top round is lean and you can catch it on sale cheap.  So, I grind it up to make burgers, but they're too dry on the grill.  So I tried pre-cooking.  One batch I baked in the oven (350 until they topped 170 degress, maybe 30 minutes).  Second batch I fried, but kept them covered.  Then I threw them on the grill.  Flipped them after a couple minutes, topped with bbq sauce.  Took off after a few minutes and flipped and topped again on the plate, with bbq sauce.  Awesome!  Both were good, but the fried ones were crispier and had a slightly better flavor, but for the ease of baking, who cares. 

This thread makes me hungry. So hungry.

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