Rare Burger Ban
(05-18-2011, 09:24 PM)James02 Wrote: As far as the government, I think it is reasonable for them to require a warning be posted.  Also, most fast food burgers should be well cooked, as people don't usually specify how they want it cooked.  But if people want to take the chance, then the government should butt out.

This makes sense.  As the diner, I should be allowed to have my meat however I prefer it.  Nonetheless, I understand that, because we are such an insufferably litigious society, this poses problems.  I'd be willing to sign a liability release to be able to enjoy my steak and burger however I want.   ;)  But there's really no excuse for the government's intervening to tell me that I can under no circumstances enjoy a rare burger.

I'm one of the crazies who eats rare hamburgers, and I get them whenever I can find the rare (ha!  ha!) restaurant that will actually prepare a burger that way.  That said, though, I am fully cognizant of the risks, and if I got e.coli, I would know that it was my own damn fault.  If it just weren't so tasty...

I don't like rare meat at all (used to, but not anymore *shrug*) but a lot of people I know do, and I think people should have a free choice.  Sure, post a warning if that's what's needed today (due to lawsuits and all) but at the end of the day, I don't think it's the place of the government to say that someone can't order a rare burger.  Here in California, there's a warning about illness and "raw or undercooked meat and seafood" at the bottom of every menu.  We can still have rare meat and sashimi all we want though.  :)

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