C'mon Catholic Charities...really!? I'm so disappointed!
I am so upset at the Catholic Charities office in our town right now!  I was leaving the church today and saw a flier for a Single Mother's Support Group run by Catholic Charities.  AWESOME, right?  I took a flier, thinking I may want to stop by sometime, especially if I end up on my own. 

I get to my car and look at it more closely....date of meetings, time, location, and then I see it : FEE: $10 a session!


This upsets me!  Support groups should not be charged for.  If it is a class, it should be labeled as such.  But to think that single mothers struggling to make ends meet can afford to pay $10 a week for a support group is ridiculous.  A lot of single moms I know struggle financially.  This just seems like kicking them when they are down.  If someone can't simply volunteer their time to lead this group, then maybe they shouldn't be holding it.

Am I overlooking something?  Some reason why they should feel okay charging for a support group for a group of people who already have it tough?  I have NEVER heard of having to pay for a support group.

Do AA or NA or any of those charge for their meetings?  Not that this is an addiction group, just an example...
Well, I understand what you're saying, but maybe they just don't have the funds for literature, room rental, or whatever, so charging $10 and having the meetings might be better than not offering them at all.

I would think that if $10 is a hardship for someone, they could call and see if it could be waived or lowered to a few dollars.  Many places are willing to do that.  So if you want to go and can afford $10, pay it to offset others who might be allowed in that can't.  If you can't afford to pay it and want to go, give them a call and see if they can work with you.
A rule about Catholic Charities...they are neither.

Charging $ for a support group seems outrageous, especially one for single moms.  $10 (per session!!) is a LOT of money when you're just squeaking by.  I can understand asking for donations but in general I have a huge problem with this sort of "fee for service" mentality in Church organizations. Crazy.
You people.


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