Father Fessio Accused of Covering up Abuse by "SNAP"
Father Fessio Being Accused by "SNAP" of Covering up for Homosexual Predator
Editor: Since back in the 1960s, Father McGuire has long been credibly accused of having molested two boys.  For over 36 [even 50?] years since then, the Jesuits have been covering up for him, destroying records, despite the fact that he was continuing this evil behavior. NPR covered this, conveniently, back in 2006.

While Father Fessio is impressive in person as a speaker, his circle of theologians which he has promoted in Ignatius Press ( Von Balthasar, DeLubac, Congar and others) were the progressive wing of the Catholic Church prior to the Council, always aching for change. They were all "suspected" of heresy by the Holy Office at the time. Of course after the Council they were eclipsed by even more devout modernists and so today in comparison Fessio's bunch seem somewhat orthodox(unless you know your faith well and then read their books)  As to whether Father Fessio knew of this pedophile's past  i can't say but if he did then why not condemn Pope John Paul 2 and Joseph Ratzinger for covering up to for i'm sure they were getting reports of what was going on in a more substanial manner.
I wouldn't want a guy like McGuire on my faculty if I were trying to do things right, but I too am skeptical about how much he knew. He probably knew that McGuire had problems in the past. 

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