A man's answer about culture/ethnicity turns into attack on Church?
The discussion on that blog thread seems to be between me and that man.  So, I again invited him here to speak his peace.

Very well L.H.

Quote from: LaramieHirsch
Quote from: Vetus Ordo
It's just standard Protestant reasoning.

I don't see anything special there.

I found him difficult to follow.  His reasoning seems muddled and mistaken.

Hence "standard Protestant reasoning."

The same can be said of "standard Papist reasoning."

Now do you want a dialog or do you want to retreat back into your papal bull...?

Lol!  You started quoting from the Fisheaters forum I told you about! 

One of the reasons I asked you to go there was because I did not want to turn Vox's blog entry--a discussion about multi-ethnic pairing--into a brand new discussion involving our religious apologetics.

Again.  Njartist49, if you feel as if the Holy Spirit is leading you to confront me about Catholicism, I again ask you to head over to:

You will find that some there have already have tried to respond to your statments.

Just make a temporary profile or something, and you can speak your peace there in that square.  What better place to shine the true self-guided light of God on the roaches of the evil Papists, than at their own forum?

I would like to add that I was not trying to spread Catholicism with my original question.  I was actually addressing a question to the Vox Day reader community--a question related to the original topic which involved the Catholic Church.  I find it amusing that the very hint of Catholicism in my question drew you out to spout forth so many paragraphs about my faith, when I never once even attempted to "testify" to anyone!  Lol. 

As for my original concern...my suspicion was correct.  This thread of conversation on Vox's topic is now dead.  I always seem to jump in on these blog dialogues too late.


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