The media only talks about Catholic pedaphelia.
This accusation is never levelled against any other church or religion. I wonder why?

It's like the U.S. media is REALLY mad at what Benedict XVI has done regarding the mass and Bishop Williamson. Also, does anybody else notice this American obsession with witch-craft starting in the 17th Century?

Witches are everywhere!
Jesuits are everywhere!
Foreigners and "un-Americans" are everywhere!
Communists are everywhere!
Racists are everywhere!
Criminals are everywhere!
Sexists and rapists are everywhere!
Homosexuals are everywhere!
Child molesters are everywhere!

Run for your lives, arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!

The only traditional "witches" Americans seem unafraid of are merchants and Jews. Hmmmmm....and these actually are everywhere.
I believe the Catholic Church is the target, which you've probably experienced yourself at some point if you've ever tried to defend Her in public, because it goes against the established consensus of sex, drugs and rock.

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