Malta says 'Yes' to legalizing divorce
With  regards to mi pueblo inmortal,  I could say that whilst the bishops and priests  are very much  pro life, they must certainly  be more rigorous in their sermons instead of joking  around.

As for the reason why the so-called "intellectuals" (I call them "inutíl" and "tonto") are so radical, it must have been due to WASP influence. (American peeps in this forum are not considered WASPS by the way, since you are all Catholic. You're all compadres y  compañeros in my ojos)

Catholic countries need to stop sitting comfortably behind their Catholic-friendly laws and evangelize their people. The faith has collapsed in so many places around the world so quickly in large part due to the fact that people took it for granted. The leaders got too comfortable, and they lost their zeal for evangelization.  The faithful got complacent and started simply "going along" with whoever gave the loudest message rather than having the courage to fight the evil ideologies attempting to destroy Christendom.

This is a call for all Catholics to wake up. If you haven't been to confession in awhile, go. If your spiritual life has become lukewarm, shake things up. If you're slipping in your vocation, take measures to make yourself become a better spouse, a better parent, a better cleric, a better consecrated person, or if you are a person still trying to find their vocation, take more seriously your discernment. That doesn't mean you're doing badly. Think of it as running towards a door that you absolutely must get through- the door has been closing all your life, but you just realized it's closed a bit more and that it would be good to step up the pace.

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