Alcoholic Drinks that won't screw up a diet
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(06-04-2011, 06:50 PM)DesperatelySeeking Wrote: If you have too many calories in your diet, you should be cutting out the food before you cut out the alcohol.  Priorities, man, priorities.


Honestly, why hasn't anyone tried to market a booze diet??   :pazzo:

Tell me about it. IMHO the greatest chef in the world, cooking with the freshest and most bestest ingredients in the world, could still not possible produce a morsel anywhere remotely near the palatability of a beautifully sherry wood aged Jameson 12 year old whiskey!

No way no how.

I don't know about 12 year old Irish whiskey - but 18 year old Scotch whiskey, on the other hand...  ;D


Just to be a PIA I'm going to point out to you that Scotch whiskey does not exist.

It's spelt whisky when its Scotch...


That IS a PIA-type thing to point out...
and ordinarily the kind of thing that requires an equally PIA retort (like pointing out how your "its" in the third line of your post is incorrect in its lack of apostrophe).


since I am currently imbibing the Scotch... spirit  :P I shall merely drink to our language's obscure spelling quirks!  And to your health!

Sip, sip!
Sip sip


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