Your friends reaction to your Faith
(06-12-2011, 08:05 PM)FaustinaClare Wrote: I guess I'm giving people a really bad impression about him. That isn't what I should be doing and I'm sorry. In all other respects he treats me beyond well, and actually spoils me a little. He was raised Catholic and his family is kind of bleh about it. He goes to mass every Sunday if he doesn't have an emergency and gets called into work and that is all they think is required of them. He doesn't believe in abortion, contraception, etc. like a good Catholic. The only problem is that he doesn't believe he should do anything else and I do. Maybe it is my protestant background but I crave learning and growing and see my conversion as an ongoing process. I want to be a Saint. I don't think he thinks about it all that much. What I do makes him uncomfortable and he gets frustrated and makes stupid comments. He is frustrating but I love him more than anything as I should and I think we can work this out with God's help of course.

If he's going to weekly mass that's huge. I think if you keep being yourself and praying for him he'll come around. His frustration is hopefully a manifestation of the conviction he feels because he knows deep down he should do more but isn't. God bless you guys!! :)

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