Catholic Youth and Leadership
Pax Vobiscum

I'm currently writing the material for a Catholic youth-website about leadership and I would appreciate some inspiration from you my dear brethren.

What should a Catholic leader be like according to you?

Pax Christi.
A Catholic leader should have a rosary in hand at all times, he should be counted as one of Mary's servants.
They have....
courage- to speak/witness to the Truth.
determination- to persevere through trials.

& are:
welcoming/hospitable-their personality is genine & friendly, they are warm & welcoming to others.
disciplined- living a chaste & pure life.

has a prayer life that is centered on the Eucharist, Mary & other devotions. Their goal is to save souls & to get to heaven.

Hope that helps you!
He should be a servant who serves with a spirit of humility and sacrifice. (cf. Matt. 20:25-28).

There are too many people who think they should be leaders.  The world needs more (discerning) followers.
Prepared to lead by example.  Does not ask from others what he is unwilling to do himself.
he should be the first to go into battle and the last to retreat

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