Crisis Exemplar: Fr. Michael Pfleger
An insightful article on the Fr. Pfleger situation in the Chicago Archdiocese with some associated videos:
Quoting from Footnote 1 of the article,

A visit to the website of St. Sabina’s Church, so-called “The Faith Community”, will reveal an inability to find—amidst a plethora of social apostolates—how to obtain the sacraments. In fact, there is no mention of the Mass anywhere! But at least this is not a deception, and while we may certainly doubt the legitimacy of the rite used at this parish, we may—echoing the prediction in the Ottaviani Intervention (ff 18)—even doubt its validity: "Will priests of the near future who have not received the traditional formation, and who rely on the Novus Ordo with the intention of "doing what the Church does," consecrate validly? One may be allowed to doubt it".

To me, this reads as a subtle return volley against UE § 19 and its demand that traditionalists accept, apparently in a blanket manner, the validity and legitimacy of the Novus Ordo.  The Rite is of course, as promulgated, valid but not legitimate from my perspective.  Most troubling is the Fr. Pfleger Effect and the inherent doubt anyone with a sensus catholicus inevitably will have with regards to such a situation.

As the author point out, can we really stake our spiritual lives on the assumption that Fr. Pfleger (and similar clerics) seek to do what the Church intends?

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