Season of Pentecost -- Ember Days
I think the Ember Days actually predate the Octave, so that may explain their placement. The Byzantine rite begins the Apostle's Fast the second Monday after Pentecost, which lasts until the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.
(06-11-2011, 09:10 AM)Vincentius Wrote: June 15 ~Ember Wednesday~ (Fast and partial Abstinence)

June 17 ~Ember Friday~ (Fast & Abstinence)

June 18 ~Ember Saturday~ (Fast and partial Abstinence)
I do not believe one is required to fast on Sundays.
ya know.

these are the correct ember days for 2011.


June 15 is a Sunday this year.
another mystery solved.

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I just saw this and realized that the original post was from 2011. No wonder! I think I find this thread through a yahoo search and just assumed it was for this year. I'm so stupid or at least attention deficit like that.

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