Catholic Diocese sued by Moham for forcing her to take a break
Muslim sues Catholic diocese: she had to take a lunch break during Ramadan

Posted by Robert on June 10, 2011
Jihad Watch

More courtroom jihad and victimhood mongering. A lunch break during Ramadan! Break out the thumbscrews! Probably the diocese was required by law to make sure she took a lunch break. Only a Muslim well versed in the victimhood game that Hamas-linked CAIR and others play so frequently would turn that into an insult.

"Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Diocese Of Allentown: Woman Claims She Was Fired For Being A Muslim," by Kyle Andersen for WFMZ-TV, June 9:

Comment: She said during Ramadan in 2008 he forced her to take a lunch break, even though all she could do was sit at her desk and do nothing since she could not eat.

According to labor laws in the US, employees must take at least a half hour lunch break, it is mandatory...You can eat, watch tv, read, twiddle your thumbs, but you must take the break...

Why is this Muslimah working for a Catholic institution anyway...Does she not know Allah disapproves of that?
That is bizarre.
Wtf, why was she ever hired in the first place?  Oh right, almost forgot the incessant cries of aggiornamento.  Hiring Muhammadans at a Catholic diocese makes us look so tolerant :)
Since the Pope kissed the Qur'an, things have never been the same again.
And lest we forget since the pope not only allowed a mosque to bukt in ro e mere blocks away feom st peters the pope actually pushed for it to be bult even after Romans didn't want it
French kissingrhe witan and essetial giving s thumbs up to mosque beig bukt
csnt blame the diaces here csn we?
The Muslims are dangerous, Their ultimate goal is to push Their Heresy at every turn and these law suits are just the start. They don't want to integrate with western/Christian society and it's rules. Here in Britain they walk around as if they are in Afghanistan with women totally covered up except a slit for the eyes! and men in dresses with massive beards. They shop and eat in their own businesses but claim the welfare money. A lot of East London is a ghetto You feel a stranger in Your own Country.
This is so stupid. Had they not given her the break, they would have been in violation of labour laws that require companies to give people breaks for X many of hours worked.
This diocese has rather high unemployment, and I would surmise that there are many Catholics looking for a part time job.  So what in the world is a non-Catholic doing working for the diocese?

The answer is of course, this is standard in our modern age.  Administration of dioceses is so horrible because you have bishops, many of whom have lost the Faith, delegate completely to a garden variety of trouble makers (feminists, urban liberation theology supporters, open modernists, etc.)

This carries through to the parish level.  At my Novus Ordo parish, I was asked several times to assist on committees.  Incidentally, I was invited to the Liturgy Committee and even at this point, I was very pro-TLM and thought it should be offered just as much (i.e., to comprise half of Sunday Masses) as the Novus Ordo.  The sessions I went to were mind numbing; indeed the people there did mean well, but it was worse than unproductive.

Arguments went on for an hour about who should be in charge of 'Tissue Ministry.'  This 'ministry' would entail physically plucking and handing a tissue to a grieving next of kin.  Some wanted this 'minister' to be a sort of porter: Next of kin would have to sit next to this 'minister' at the funeral wherein the minister would touch (e.g., guide at the shoulders) to indicate when to sit, stand, kneel, etc.

At another committee, Stewardship Committee, they succeeded in forcing a pre-Mass stewardship prayer on the congregation (yes, this sounds pretty liturgical to me, and thus not in the jurisdiction of anyone charged with resource management.)  Hours of bickering over things like should boxes be checked or x-ed. 

I did manage to get control over the ‘stewardship column’ and make it a little better than what others would have written, but I had no business whatsoever publicly writing anything that remotely related to exegesis. 

Anyway, after I saw Stewardship Committee was really Busybody Committee that knew how to spend through cash, I tapped out.  KingTheoden does not receive money from Parliament and must self-fund; if His Majesty's businesses sputter, the King’s budget so suffers.  To see up close even on the parish level how deranged the spending was, how cash I really needed at the time was being wizzled away, that was about when the pieces of the Trad puzzle appeared less foggy.

I agree with HK: Bring back the minor orders!  When these young men were not liturgically engaged or studying, they represented a well of administration potential. 

The problem is that Novus Ordo is highly feminized, or perhaps better put, highly disobedient to patriarchal (in this case, Priestly) authority.  In my case, things I actually could do I was prevented from doing because throngs of women EMHC fought over who had the ‘committee’ for this thing or that thing.

Until the Church’s fullness of tradition and culture is embraced, like this parish, dioceses will continue to fade.
That's absolutely insane.  ::)

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