Converts: tell about your conversion story
I think the seeds of my conversion were planted when my mother decided to send me to the local Catholic primary school. There was nothing religious about the decision, but she wanted to provide me with the best education she could afford. I didn't really learn anything about the Catholic faith at school, I don't think any of us did, but I certainly had a feeling of Mass being something special. We started each class with prayers, the parish priest would often invite us over for a bbq, and every week one form attended the parish Mass. Being the little heathen I was I had no idea what was happening, it was certainly a foreign experience, but it also produced this sense of mystery within me. This was something completely foreign to anything I'd experienced before.

Those feelings were short lived, by the time I was in high school that curiosity I'd felt when I first attended Mass gave way to boredom (as I'm sure it did for all of us). 2009 was my last year of secondary education. It was in that same year that the curiosity and feeling of mystery I'd experienced as a child in my primary school came back. The thing is, of course, in the time that had elapsed between grade five and year 12 I'd become an adult and had a wealth of experiences, all enjoyable, that I imagined were anathema sit to Catholics. In an attempt to put an end to those feelings I started reading books by atheists and Catholics, I watched debates, and read up on Catholic doctrine - with the intention of locating inconsistencies and faults so I could comfortably dismiss that yearning within me as merely neurological. I continued down this path for a while, with various levels of interest in the question of God, until in 2010 I started sporadically attending Church. I was still by no means a Christian, although by this time I had a decent understanding of what they believed, but preferred to think of myself as an agnostic or deist (it depended on the month :p).

My decision to convert came earlier this year, and was completely unexpected. Gradually everything built up to a crescendo where my interest in Catholicism developed into a love and in my attempts to find error in the Church's doctrine I'd found a whole lot of truth and beauty. That indecision and tension was pivotal to my conversion, it got to the point where I no longer felt I was in a struggle with myself; but with another. It was at this point I knew that God not only existed but that He also cared. I approached a traditional priest about being received into the Church and we've been having weekly catechism lessons ever since.

God willing I should be baptised and confirmed in mid-July.

Deo Gratias.

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