Theologian speaks on V-II
Found this to be very interesting. What are your thoughts?

I am cautiously optimistic that more respected theologians and conservative Bishops are starting to speak up. Perhaps we have turned a corner.
I think things are starting to change. The fact is that the Revolution has failed. People have left the Church in the millions, perhaps hundreds of millions. Altars have been wrecked, music made lame, altar rails and icons destroyed, the whole... we all know about it. But there still aren't womynpriests, the Church still doesn't allow gay marriage or abortion or contraception. There was no "Age of Aquarius"... all religions didn't merge and a new race of humans did not arise to take us into the future. Or whatever it was that people were hoping for.

Basically all that happened was a bunch of stuff got wrecked (including the liturgy...). But then the Wreckers got tired of it or got too old or got distracted by their SUVs or whatever. So I think that a lot of people are starting to look around and realize that something has gone wrong, and that we no longer have quite what we used to. And I think that they're starting to think about how to get it all back.

Anecdotally, I started out as a Prot (that's how I was raised). Then I had my conversion and found the Church of the Apostles. But I came in as basically a Modern and the parish was slightly to the left of the Kremlin. I mean, my confirmation sponsors stopped speaking to me after I bad-mouthed modern solar paganism! As time went on and I started learning more about my faith, I grew more conservative. It's hard not to!

I had evolved into a neo-con but even then I started seeing things that bothered me. Things that seemed irreverent or impoverished. I eventually found Tradition. It's a natural progression.

That's a hopeful thing, though I'm sure it's also a great source of frustration. "Rome wasn't built in a day." It takes much less time to tear something down than to build it up. Thermodynamics! The problem is that, absent a bunch of iron-willed hardassed heroes in the hierarchy ready to jump right down the lion's throat... well, absent that it's going to take some time, because it's a "hearts and minds" kind of thing.

I think HH BXVI is actually doing very well in this regard and we can expect even more excellent deeds on his part. And before anyone starts bagging on him, I'm not saying he's perfect.
Something many traditionalist Roman Catholic seem to miss is the need for not only action in the world, but prayer.  I think seeing traditional monasteries appearing and bursting at the seems is perhaps one of the greatest signs we have for hope of a new dawn - whatever form that may take (and whether or not any of us like it).

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