Augustine, Galileo and natural science
Still at it, cassini?

You might not be aware that Muhammad, Koresh, Manson, Joe Smith, Galileo... and heaps of others too numerous to mention, have all claimed to be "specially chosen" vehicles of "the truth".

Just one of the things that you have in common with them is that you all claim that the "truth" is that
Quote: "Science has long admitted the TRUTH is a METAPHYSICAL CHOICE,"
i.e. that something "becomes" "true" if one "chooses" to believe it. (Unmistakeable allegiance to the fantastic (and diabolical) daydreams of Guenon, Blavatsky, Hubbard, Coomaraswamy, Crowley and all (again too numerous to mention)).

On the other hand, however, is the Christian notion that truth is reality created by the Creator. Our challenge is to get to know and understand what it is and how it works; as part of the Instruction to "fill the Earth and subdue it".

Again you try to convince the unwary that the alternative to a Geocentric Universe is a Heliocentric Universe. A cunning deception. An Heliocentric Solar System does not, in any way, imply an Heliocentric Universe.

Don't be blithe in your assumptions. I know quite a bit about MMX (the Michelson- Morley Experiment) along with others in the same vein. I am also fairly conversant with the speculations of Einsteinean Relativity and its extrapolations.

I also confirm my previous assessment that you are a con-man trying to exploit a naïve and credulous version of Papal Infallibility to entice the unwary into your cult.

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