Augustine, Galileo and natural science
Yair, orrite, cassini,

I would be flattered if you'd denounce me to your mates in "The Resistance"... a completely weird mob who assume that a pope is automatically infallible if he says what you want to hear and is automatically deposed if he says what you don't want to hear.

Fact is, cobber, the Vatican I definition of Papal infallibility says more about when a popey thing is not infallible than when he is. The conditions for papal infallibility are very stringent and limiting.

Your "infallible" papal endorsement of Geocentrism doesn't come within a bull's roar of being a defined article, or dogma, of the Faith. If that's an article of Faith then so is the "climate science" proposed by Poop Frank T'Googlio Monster.

I guess that you're not expecting a life subscription to your cult from me.

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