RCTV - CIA: The Rockefeller Foundation
Quote:Our government has known this for years.

Because they are in collusion with these folks or owned by them. Take your pick.

One thing I found most interesting is that the Rockefeller Foundation itself was set up in 1913 in April. I wonder if this move had anything to do with the approval and subsequent Charter of the Federal Reserve Bank which took place during the Congressional Christmas Recess of that very same year! Looks to me that they were getting lots of pieces into place at that time. 

Kudos to Voris for bringing this up, but this is not new infomation at all. I could not believe that he actually brought up E. Michael Jones and showed a short clip of him. Although I don't think Jones is connected at all with Culture War Notes dot com. That seems like Neo-Con Central. For the record his website is Culture Wars dot com. Perhaps Voris got spooked in post production and wanted to throw the bloodhounds off his scent. I don't blame him. 

Speaking of Jones, I would recommend 3 books that feature Rockefellers and other movers and shakers of their ilk quite prominently. 1) Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?, 2) The Slaughter of the Cities: Ethnic Cleasning as Urban Renewal, and 3) Libido Dominandi.

Is Notre Dame Still Catholic? was first written 25 years ago and told the entire Father Hesberg, Rockefeller, Land O' Lakes story. There is now a 25th Anniversary Edition that is updated with the Obama Speech and Honorary Doctorate fiasco.

That E. Michael Jones is wrongly labeled an Anti-Semite and is on the ADL's Most Wanted List is what amazed me about Voris' even bringing him up. Sadly he is kind of a 3rd Rail. Touch him and you die. But, he did all the groundwork and research and should have been credited more in this piece. Also, he never taught at Notre Dame. He was on a tenure track at St. Mary's and was fired for his views on abortion. He was and still is,  Pro-Life.


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