RCTV - CIA: The Rockefeller Foundation
(06-23-2011, 11:29 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: Is Notre Dame Still Catholic? was first written 25 years ago and told the entire Father Hesberg, Rockefeller, Land O' Lakes story. There is now a 25th Anniversary Edition that is updated with the Obama Speech and Honorary Doctorate fiasco.

I noticed that Voris said the Land O' Lakes Statement happened in 1967.  The Winnipeg Statement by the Canadian Bishops happened in 1968.  In 2008, a pastoral letter titled “Liberating Potential” was issued by the Canadian Bishops that was in full conformity with Humanae Vitae but they still have not officially retracted the Winnipeg Statement.

There's a petition to retract the Winnipeg Statement if anyone is interested.  You don't have to be Canadian to sign the petition.

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