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(06-23-2011, 04:04 PM)a83192 Wrote: I have been struggling with masturbation for 7-8 years. How do I stop?

The problem of letting masturbation go is that it feels so good. I am a man by the way.

I am a teen .

All medical books and a southern Baptist psychiatrist that I met told me that masturbation is good. The funny thing is that the psychiatrist minored in"theology" Protestant Baptist that is 

I would recommend speaking to a good and trusted priest regarding this. You are not alone my friend, as it is an urge that all men experience. We must remember that sex in itself is good, along with sexual satisfaction, when in the context of holy marriage. It is the corruption of the good (masturbation) that is the sin.

God knows our hearts, and he knows we love him and dont want to fail him. When you fall, get back up, confess your sins and keep moving forward.

In christ
Fr.Deacon Shane
2 things I recommend.  

1. Pray the rosary daily.  It's powerful.
2. Don't kid yourself about where certain things lead.  I read that here on fisheaters a while back and it's so true.  You might think you can enjoy a quick peek at something or entertain some thoughts but not act on them.  Forget that nonsense right now.  You know where it ends up.  Stop it in its tracks right from the start.

A word of encouragement:  It can be done.  People will tell you that it's normal, that every guy does it and those who say they don't are liars.  Baloney.  You *can* stop completely with God's grace.  It gets a lot easier as you grow in virtue and grace.  Don't give up.  Once you make it 6 months or so without falling you'll get the confidence.

The member named Bristol makes a good point. Sins of the flesh are like a drug. I know many people who are full out addicted.

One minute you are indulging in masturbation, and the next you will be seeking out prostitutes and other such things. Be careful and always try your best. We all fall, but we got to fight the best we can. With our lord and our lady anything is possible.
(06-24-2011, 02:04 AM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: Anyway, St. Thomas Aquinas explains that one reason when we fast we abstain from flesh meat but not alcohol or fish is that abstaining from flesh meat helps us reduce concupiscent impulses (I think mostly related to lust and wrath).  Alcohol obviously affects these but in the short term, and in teh long term might even decrease them.

I am a vegan.

St. Thomas may have missed the mark here.

However, music with heavy emphasis on rhythm may be worth avoiding.
(06-24-2011, 07:25 PM)Rosarium Wrote: I am a vegan.

St. Thomas may have missed the mark here.

However, music with heavy emphasis on rhythm may be worth avoiding.

He may have, and I don't have a strong opinion on the scientific connection between eating meat and sexual desire or eating meat and anger, but there is the personal testimony of many others that not eating meat has made them "calmer" or "gentler."

There is St. Thomas testimony, then there is also what many modern vegans say.  I don't include you in this category automatically, but there are modern vegans who see not eating meat as a part of generally not being violent ... of course these principles are a cofounding variable in how they feel, not just the fact that they exclude meat from the diet.

There is also the idea in Hinduism (which is the religion I grew up in), that as you get older or if you are in a religious profession, it's better not to eat meat.  But if you are a warrior or in that warrior caste, or if you are calling has to do with something more physical, or if you are a young man, it's more appropriate to still eat meat. 

That's not exactly a theologically useful source, so I'm not sure what to make of it.  But there are generations of people in that society which has a huge number of vegetarians that accept the "received wisdom" that not eating meat curbs violent/sexual impulses.

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