San Diego diocese reverses offers Catholic funeral to gay lounge owner
San Diego diocese reverses parish decision, offers Catholic funeral to gay lounge owner.
The Priest that followed canon law and the Church involved was where my sister got married. She is sure it was the Priest that Married them was the refusing prelate.
More pink bishop mafia actions >:(

SAN DIEGO, California, June 28, 2011 ( – A San Diego Catholic church that recently cancelled the funeral Mass for the owner of a gay lounge has since had their decision overruled by the diocese.

The funeral Mass for John SanFilippo was scheduled at Our Lady of the Rosary Church this Thursday.  After learning that the deceased had been in a homosexual relationship for many years, the parish priests reportedly informed the family on Sunday that the funeral could not take place.

Our Lady of the Rosary parish told that they are refusing comment at this time and directed all inquiries to the diocese.

A similar situation occurred in 2005 when a Catholic funeral was requested for an openly homosexual businessman. Bishop Robert Brom of the Diocese of San Diego said the funeral could not take place in a Catholic church of the diocese.  Bishop Brom reportedly apologized to the man’s family afterwards. contacted the diocese for further comment.

“Diocesan Authorities have concluded that the funeral scheduled at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish may take place,” Rodrigo Valdivia, chancellor for the diocese, told LSN.

He added that the priest at Our Lady of the Rosary who responded to the funeral request was a visiting priest substituting during the pastor’s vacation.  “This visiting priest is not familiar with local practice,” said Valdivia.

The director of the cemetery is in contact with the SanFilippo family to make funeral arrangements and the funeral will take place as scheduled on Thursday, according to Valdivia.

The Church’s code of Canon law states on the matter that “unless they gave some signs of repentance before death”, those “manifest sinners” who if granted church funerals would cause public scandal, “must be deprived of ecclesiastical funerals.”
This nonsense is will not be stopped until these faithless pastors are deprived of their comfortable lifestyles.  No money for diocesan entities; if there is an exceptional Priest stuck in the diocesan cluster, work something out where support can be directed to his purposes independent of the grubby lavendar mobster hands.

Even then, US Bishops will probably just get funding from the State Department if and when collection plates go empty.  Perhaps the only way out is for the chastisement to come.

What these horrible leaders (and their impotent, weak willed enablers) are doing is something along the lines of stepping before God, pulling down their pants, and mooning our Lord.  Most likely if you expose yourself in this manner to a policeman, he will crack you a few times with a night stick or just taze you. 

Would God permit Himself to be mocked?  No and all the alignments are kicking in for a smack down that would make police beat downs seem preferable.

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