I heard that they used to make these pills that you would drop into a glass of water and the pill would turn it into REAL carbonated soda.  I know that the product did in fact exist, and I've met people who bought them, but what I can't understand is why they stopped making them?
I think there was a problem with how much baking soda was in the things, ended up being horrible for you. And besides I cant imagine they taste very good Apparently though you can make your own pretty easily or order them offline still for "science experiments".
Fizzies weren't really too bad, although they had sort of a cheap flavor, like some store brand soft drinks. I can't see how they could be worse for one's health than the garbage sold now.

The apocryphal story of Fizzies' demise involved a flood that destroyed the plant where they were manufactured, leading to the saying, "As funny as a flood in the Fizzies factory!"
Actually, I had alot of "fizzies" when I was little. My understanding is they were taken off the market because the cycalmates used to sweeten them were found to be carcenogenic.  I loved the grape ones, and it was hysyreical to chew one in your mouth!  You ended up looking like a dog with hydrophobia!!!! In purple!!!!!

In Christ

The dude that told me about them said that if you put 2 fizzies in the water it would taste like good quality soda pop and not cheap store brand with only one fizzie.  I think Fizzies would be kewl to carry in ur pocket, and take to school.  Just make sure to bring a cup and run over to the drinking fountain.... INSTANT ROOT BEER! Huzzah!

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