Status of Fr. John Corapi (Press release from SOLT)
(07-06-2011, 02:01 AM)JPToucan Wrote: Ive never heard '58 that makes no sence but Im only 16 and I'm trying to expose myself to as much information as I possibly can.  I'm lightyears ahead of my classmates in the things  I know.  But I thought the invalid New Rite of Ordination began in '68.  Any Trad here who is not a sede is a hypocrite and a schismatic.  Sedes are the only sincere trads, as they alone draw things to their logical conclusions.  I thought a lot more people would wake up when he supported condom use and no longer want anything to do with him, but the devil is too strong and the faith of most false-traditionalists is too weak.
Young man please read the rules :readrules:
Discussion of sede topics is forbidden. You are young smart and full of zeal AMEN, but if you are to be Catholic you must also be humble and willing to follow the rules of the wise who are your QUIS who owns this website...this is his house not yours, if you Love the BVM you will show respect for others...even if you dont agree with the rules. Please dont get can get and contribute alot to FE
(07-06-2011, 02:45 AM)JPToucan Wrote: I'm not 16 I was just kidding I just wanted people to say wow you know a lot for that age!  I was born in late '88 and I'm 21!

You don't know a lot of math for your age. If you're born in late 1988, you're 22.
I just wonder what Fr Santan Pinto, extraordinary gifted priest in SOLT, thinks of all this.

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