Cardinal Schönborn Faces Criminal Charges
We may be looking at the beginning of that schism rumored in German speaking zone.
Unfortunately, I have to side with the good Cardinal on this one.  At present we just have what very probably is a slanderous report from an anti-Catholic newspaper.

Moreover, the Cardinal has done things that are far worse than what he's being accused of.
(07-07-2011, 12:37 AM)romanaround Wrote: Whenever the Cardinal's name comes up my thoughts immediately go to this vid,

Though I'm ashamed to say that I kind of like the song in the background. Perhaps because I find it quite camp and funny.

1:46 "dhis is thee ang-tood of da Lord!"  :metal:

I wish the holy father would watch this.  He'd tear a new one in that awful man!

"dhis is thee ang-tood of da Lord!"  :metal: my favorite part

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