Medjugorge: Why Do Trads Hate it?
(07-10-2011, 06:12 AM)MichaelNZ Wrote: I think one of the reasons that the Church hasn't made a judgement on it is that the apparitions are still continuing to this day. The Church waits until the apparitions have stopped to make a judgement.

Perhaps that is how Lucifer is playing his game, here.  He just keeps the visions going so that the question of it all hangs in the air.  It's been 30 years, and the place seems cult-like. 

I am 90% convinced it is not of God.  However, I leave 10% of an open mind.  That's where I am on Medugorje.  For now, I don't trust it, and I know none of its prophecies or whatever. 

Michael Brown of Spirit Daily sure does carry on about Medugorje, though.  I wish he'd calm down.  (Although, his website is rather fun to read at the end of the week.)
Med clearly promotes pentecostal and protestant ideology to spread its message, which usually consists of the same kinds of pablum you get from other big tent venues.

I've also heard that it's run by the Croatian Mafia.  I've been looking for confirmation of that comment, which seemed pretty well informed. 
There seem to be many factors.

What is at the heart of it?

It doesn't matter.

Nothing has changed for us.

That is one of the problems. I'm sure most people here could construct a fraud of this nature in order to get one the prestige and money one wanted. The difficulty would be in constructing a fraud which resembles approved apparitions. Fatima? Pretty difficult to get children to bear the entire burden and summoning a miracle to be seen by everyone in the area would be pretty difficult as well. Lourdes? What prestige and money did she get?

So the trick is to somehow get immediate gain from it without the inconveniences of real apparitions. This would involve many people, perhaps ones which are older, and some sort of front...a bunch of impressionable young people may work.

The whole thing seems to be such a fraud. That is why there is a lot of stuff coming out of it to keep the thing going.

Pride I guess???

And if the Churchmen (NO that is) think its okay,so they go!!!
Some NO priests who also say the TLM also think its okay to believe and go!! You do the math!!!!
You would be surprised how many NO church;s have trips and pilgrimages to Medjagaga in their bulletin. ...It's unbelievable!!!!
Because its not Catholic- Its for the N.O. mindset.
Because it's not approved by the Church.

Oh yeah, and a fair chunk of it sounds like it came straight out of Satan's 'thoughts for the day'.
(07-10-2011, 12:42 AM)Someone1776 Wrote: I was just curious why traditional Catholics are so convinced that the alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorge are a sham.  Other than Fatima I am not very big on private revelation and I really don't know anything about Medjugorge.  Is there anyone here that can offer a fair and balanced explanation?

This was my question in general. I figure that as long as people pray it doesn't matter if its real or not, as long as people believe the Church and follow Her guidance in the end. I can't speak against people praying the rosary, it's just to wonderful. Medj. just might be a first step for some people. Its up to the Church to come out and state that it is forbidden to make pilgrimage there. It will have to come from His Holiness now, simply because it has grown into a global thing. It won't stop until Pope Benedict says "Don't Go". I think everyone can agree that it will take something like that to stop the pilgrimages now.
There was something about Mary praying the Hail Mary... She wouldn't do that.
(07-10-2011, 03:31 PM)LoneWolfRadTrad Wrote: There was something about Mary praying the Hail Mary... She wouldn't do that.

When the Blessed Virgin appeared to St Bernadette at Lourdes, she only recited the Glory Bes with St Bernadette.

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