Now the German Muzzle Still Demands 6.500 Euro from Bishop Williamson
The German Heil-Hitler Regime have rendered an illegal judgment, according to International Law, against Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson.

(, Regensburg) The District Court of Regensburg has punished Pius-Bishop Richard Williamson (71) with a further 6.500 Euro fine today.

This was according to the German media bosses.

For this reason, the court was affirming a judgment of the British Hero-Bishop from 2010 in what is, according to International Law, illegal.

It was at that point that the free Brit was fined for a combined 10.000 Euro fine.
If you insist on "translating" articles from that stupid website at least try to learn some German. As always, your text is full of errors. Sometimes your "translations" say the exact opposite of the original.
why dont u give the proper translation then frued
Because I don't think is worth translating.
i dont know german and others here dont so if we r being fed false translations and u know it its a good idea to let us know the proper translation.
anyway a suggestion that sall
Augsutine Baker has violated German law and now faces a penalty of 100 Euros. 
Blechtrommel is a Zionist with an agenda and his English stinks anyway.

I corrected the error he was alluding to.
Good luck trying to collect the money, Germany.
Almost 7 Euros?

I'll send them a $10 and they can keep the change.
(07-11-2011, 02:30 PM)Rosarium Wrote: Almost 7 Euros?

I'll send them a $10 and they can keep the change.

Everybody's a critic.  :laughing:

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