The Death of My Imperial Pen Pal
The San Fernando Valley in the 1970s was a very dull place. Hot and dusty, filled with lackluster architectural construction thrown together during the postwar housing boom, it was the last place I wanted to be.

Back in those far-off days, the LA Archdiocese’s paper, The Tidings, ran a column by the Archduke Otto von Habsburg, son of Austria-Hungary’s last Emperor-King.

My family was historically minded, and my upbringing gave me a hatred of the French Revolution and a love of the Habsburgs, Bourbons, and Stuarts. In high school in the 1970s, I became a monarchist. In the LA Central Library lurked such volumes as The Purple or the Red, Kings Without Thrones, and Monarchs-in-Waiting. I resolved to write to the Archduke Otto concerning issues political and religious. Off my note went into the post.
Only Charles Coulombe could make monarchy charming. Most of the monarchies eventually betrayed the Catholic Church, ironically because since Jesus only provided the Catholic Church with the assurance that the gates of hell wouldn't prevail against her, she watched as her betrayers were eventually destroyed by the secular humanists. Most of the monarchies that survive are no more than a tourist attraction or part of the nations flag. 

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