Poland moves to outlaw abortion

They needed 100, 000 signatures in three months before introducing the move into parliament and they gathered 600 000 signatures in two weeks.

So awesome.
It's hard to imagine this happening in a European country in the 21st century, particularly a country which was once controlled by an abortion-loving communist regime. Obviously the Catholic faith is stronger than any political ideology. Go Poland!
So IF they do outlaw abortion in all forms it will now join Malta, Vatican City, and Chile as the only countries that have completely banned it??? I might be missing a few!
Right on Poland.  :thumb: :thumb:

Actually there are quite a few countries where abortion is illegal but with some exceptions.  Most of Africa and South America in fact.  Yeah but not many where abortion is illegal with no exceptions; Uruguay, Chile, Tuvalu, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Vatican City, Maldives and Laos.  And there are a pile of countries that allow abortion only to protect the woman's life, like Ireland yes (de jure) but no (de facto).

I wonder what the EU has to think. GO Poland, pray it goes through, Bl. John Paul II must be working a little in heaven.  :)

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