Gov. Quinn cuts foster-care contracts with Catholic Charities
We are being societally side-lined

Quote: SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Pat Quinn defended his administration’s decision to butt heads with his own religion Monday in a dispute over the Catholic church’s refusal to place any of the nearly 2,000 state wards it cares for with same-sex couples.

On Friday and Monday, the Department of Children and Family Services notified Catholic Charities organizations in four suburban or Downstate dioceses that the agency intended to terminate their foster-care and adoption contracts with the state because of the church’s unwillingness to abide by Illinois’ new civil unions law.

“They made a choice,” Quinn said of the dioceses. “They have a law in Illinois. It’s the civil unions law. I signed it into law. We’re not going back. Any organization that decides that because of the civil unions law that they won’t participate voluntarily in a program, that’s their choice.”

Cutting ties with Catholic Charities in the dioceses of Joliet, Peoria, Springfield and Belleville means the state will place 1,997 children now cared for by those groups with other foster-care agencies, DCFS spokesman Kendall Marlowe said.
First you cut them from the herd, then shoot the wounded, we're next for shooting.

This is good news. The less the stat is involved with the Hecht in any way shape or form the better
the less loot from the state goes ro the church or church hsrities the better
Thai is good news
now the church needs to start organizing and fighting back
yeahhhhhhh right
Another apostate catholic , judgement day is coming quinn!
This is a good thing
and yes he will judged

Here in Canada foster parents receive at least $1,500 per month per child tax free.  Just four is at least a $6,000 per month tax free income.  The queer folk and Michele Bachmann (with 23 foster children) know what they are doing.  Foster care is a money maker for some.  With the queer folk wanting to indoctrinate children they should not be allowed to care for children.  I'd encourage any good Catholic family to take in foster children just so queer folk don't get them.
Now is not too late. Cardinal George who has charge over all the dioceses Illinois should excommunicate every apostate Catholic politico in the state and in Washington that represent Illinois. Draw the line brightly. Let them know the Church does not see them as somewhat mistaken but as obstinate sinners until they repent. Demand a public recantation say on the stairs of Holy Name Cathedral in sack cloth and ashes and barefoot on Jan.1st when it's 10 below zero here. 

Dreams r nice my friend I dream bishops get some balls and stop sucking them
then I wake up

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