Focolare chief priest, Fr. Silvano Cola, says humanity's 'collective consciounes
Editor:  Kneeling Catholic's got the goods on the Corpus Christi Bishop Mulvey's Focolare association.  He doesn't mention  his bishop by name, but sometimes the company you keep doesn't reflect well on you.

This link explains how Focolare says we must adopt a "new type of behavior" which fits our new modern collective consciousness.

Father Cola (RIP)>>>>>>.....The considerations we will make may sound like a criticism of the past. However, they should not be regarded as negative. Obviously with time a new consciousness emerges and with it a new type of behaviour which automatically seems to deprecate former ways. My intention in this article is not to criticize the past. All that was done in the past was perhaps the best for those times, for those people, in that situation and for the collective consciousness of that historic moment. At present the collective consciousness of humanity seems to have matured, resulting in a new step forward. This requires a change in the way we read the Gospel .....

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