Parallels I have noticed






Incarnation and Nativity of our Lord

The Fall

The Crucifixion

The Flood and Noah

The Three Days in the Tomb

Noah, Abraham, and their righteous descendants flourish

Pentecost and the flourishing newborn Church

Slavery in Egypt

Persecution of Church

Moses leads Hebrews out of slavery

Constantine stops persecutions

40 years wandering in the desert


Joshua and David and the triumph of Israel

The flourishing of the Middle Ages

The Decline of Israel

The Renaissance, Reformation, “Enlightenment,” and Revolutions

The Exile of Israel and the rule of paganism

The Exile brought upon by Vatican II and the rule of neopaganism

The Return of Israel and the triumph of the Machabees

The Return of Catholic Tradition and the period of peace

The Conquest of Rome and increasing moral decadence

The Conquest of the Antichrist and increasing moral decadence

The First Coming of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ

Get ready to do a little guerrilla warfare, a la Judas Maccabeus! [Image: laff.gif]

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