Miraculous Pilgrim Fatima statue weeps

I had read about this in the Fatima Crusader several months back.

The Fatima Crusader’s History of:
Anti-Fatima Tactics
Editor’s note: In a recent letter the Fatima Center sent to its supporters,
we noted that “with your help, we stood against” those
who falsify the Fatima Message. “We exposed the falsehoods and
deceptions for over 27 years. And over time, one opponent after
another stopped their open opposition – first in 1983; then again in
1984-87; then again in 1989-92; then again in 1992-97; and then
again in 2000; and again in 2002-2005; and again in 2006-2009.”
A number of supporters wanted to know exactly what happened on
these dates. Here, Father Gruner gives an answer.
by Father Nicholas GrunerRather, many of those who
oppose the full Message of
Fatima often present themselves
as Fatima devotees.
These are the ones who do
the most damage, who claim,
“I believe in Fatima, and the
Consecration is done.”
Now to specifics:
What happened in 1983?
The year prior to this, in 1982,
John Haffert, the Blue Army
and Soul magazine published
in their July-August issue that
the Consecration of Russia is
done (referring to Pope John
Paul II’s May 13, 1982 consecration
of the world to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary).
Jose Correa da Silva, who
had a close relationship with
the Tradition Family Property
(TFP) organization founded
and headquartered in Brazil,
was also personally related
to the TFP founder and
also was on the Blue Army
International Governing
Body, and because he was
a lawyer who had helped a
family matter of one of Sister
Lucy’s close relatives – he
was considered as a family
member and therefore had
access to Sister Lucy and
claimed that she said the
Consecration was done. Soul
magazine published this report
just two months later
while not telling us who theirsource was. It was only in the
1990’s that John Haffert gave
out this source – after we had
proved it wrong 10 years before[/color].
So in 1983 we published
the facts demonstrating this
to be false. Father Caillon
went to Portugal and spoke
with Mrs. Pestana, who was
a school friend of Sister Lucy
and therefore she had regular
access to Sister Lucy. Mrs.
Pestana lived in Porto where
she had met Sister Lucy for
the first time in the 1920’s.
Mrs. Pestana told Father
Caillon that Sister Lucy told
her the Consecration is not
yet done. Father Caillon also
spoke to a niece of Sister Lucy
who reported the exact same
thing: Sister Lucy said the
Consecration is not done. We
had all this information translated
into English and printed
to a wide circulation, a circulation
that was as large as the
Blue Army’s.
The clincher came when
the Papal Nuncio, accompanied
by two Portuguese experts,
visited Sister Lucy on
March 19, 1983. Sister Lucy
had prepared a text that was
officially read, and on which
she commented. She stated
clearly that the Consecration
of Russia is not done because
in Pope John Paul II’s 1982
consecration of the world,
Russia did not appear clearly
as being the object of the consecration,
and each bishop
had not made, in his own cathedral,
a public and solemn
ceremony of the Consecration
of Russia. The text that Sister
Lucy had prepared ended as
follows: “The Consecration
of Russia has not been done
as Our Lady has requested.
I was not able to make this
statement (before) because I
did not have the permission
of the Holy See”.
We published this in the
Oct.-Dec. 1983 issue of The
Fatima Crusader.
It was after this that John
Haffert and the Blue Army
publicly acknowledged that
the 1982 ceremony by Pope
John Paul II did not fulfill
the requirements for the
Consecration of Russia.
There is a weeping statue in Northern California I've been wanting to visit!
The TFP and America Needs Fatima is very big where I live.  It seems like all trads are involved with it.  Someone was strongly encouraging me to get involved and this is how I came across Fish Eaters as I was researching the groups! 

There is an 11 page thread on these organizations in which the President of the TFP responded to criticisms from Fishies.  It's definitely a thread worth reading if your interested in learning more about the group.

There was a weeping statue in Kenner, which is just next to NOLA, kind of out by the airport.  I went and checked it out.  It was 100% legit and miraculous.  Actually, it was an iconograph of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  It was super glossy, so I looked at it on an angle and could see any surface imperfection.  There were no holes on it.  Second, I stayed watching it for 30 minutes, and there was no way someone could have splashed it with water.  It was the real deal.  A few years later Katrina hit and smashed up New Orleans pretty good.
(07-14-2011, 02:41 PM)fatiam13 Wrote: I wouldn't put to much stock into whatever the TFP or TIA say.

Didn't Father Gruners group expose TFP which was part of the "blue army" as spreading falsehoods about Fatima and that the Consecration had been done?

I remember on more than one occasion that Father Gruner wrote that the American Blue Army went out of their way to slander him in the Soul magazine.  The American Blue Army claims the Consecration has already been done and that Russia's conversion has begun.  The last time I checked what I could find was that still less than .2%, that's point two percent of Russians are Catholic.  It is now 27 years after the Consecration of the World in 1984, that these people claim fulfilled the Heavenly Consecration request of Russia.  Where's the Heavenly promised period of peace?  Where's the Heavenly promised conversion of Russia?  Are we already seeing the annihilation of nations?  Here's Father Gruner with guest Father Paul Leonard talking about the Blue Army and Soul magazine's penchant for falsehoods and distortions.

So is America needs Fatima affiliated with the Blue Army?  On the top right of the America needs Fatima blog it reads Robert Richie, Executive Director of America Needs Fatima, a campaign of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP).  Looks like, eh?
(07-15-2011, 11:19 AM)mikemac Wrote: So is America needs Fatima affiliated with the Blue Army?

I had thought they weren't, but some of the posters in here believe otherwise!
If you take things at face value without researching, you do yourself a disservice. Father Gruner has, on his website (fatima.org) proven, with facts and reources all of the falsehoods against him and his group, and I believe him. I think there are cardinals and aids in the vatican that have and will try to distort the Message of Fatima through traditional organizations. Now if these traditional organizations spread that distortion wittingly or unwittingly is another question.
Yeah you have to ask yourself if the America needs Fatima Rosary Campaign just for the US is good when it is not concerned for the rest of the world or the Consecration of Russia (which in effect the US needs as much or more than the rest of the world).  We should all be praying for the Consecration of Russia not just for our own national interests.  Many souls at home and around the world are at stake. 
"If the Catholic bishops do not obey Our Lady of Fatima soon, the whole world, including Canada and the United States, will be enslaved by Communist Russia. "
"Be that as it may, we are not being hypocritical when we inform you of this most urgent Command of God. We are simply repeating the Message of Fatima given for the world. To pretend to be messengers of Our Lady of Fatima's entire Message and to deliberately withhold part of Her Message, that would be hypocritical. That is hypocrisy, especially if it is done deliberately to deceive one's readers and followers."
I don't know about the Blue Army or anything else BUT I did know Fr Romagosa personally - He was a very intelligent and faithful priest. If he believed it enough to put it in the Clarion Herald I believe it. I would trust his discernment. He would not have put the story and the photograph in the Clarion Herald and lead people astray. He took his vocation very seriously. 

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