Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
95% of Catholics who have any moderately deep thoughts on predestination, grace, freewill and election come up molinist.

Most Catholics think it is the Catholic Church's teaching that God's predestination is simply his fore-knowing what will happen. Or they deny there is such a thing as predestination.

99% of Catholics believe that God in no sense whatsoever elects any for damnation.

Actually, the Catholic Church teaches that Calvin was wrong because Calvin Taught that God UNCONDITIONALLY elects some for damnation. That is heresy. True.
However, it is acceptable for Catholics to believe, and I believe it is actually part of the magisterial teaching of the Church that GOd DOES elect and predestine some for damnation, CONDITIONALLY; that is, in foreknowledge of their future sinfulness. Because he knows they will never turn to him, he predestines them for damnation. And it is not unfair BECAUSE...they never desire him to begin with.

COnversely, it is FULLY Catholic to believe that God UNCONDITIONALLY elects some to salvation. GOd wills some men to be saved, and so he gives them the grace to be saved. THose whom he does not will to be saved are reprobate, infallibly damned. Not because of a lack of God's grace, but because of their OWN sinfulness.

Augustine's big issue was "How can God will to accomplish what he in fact does NOT accomplish (namely universal salvation), especially taking into consideration that GOd's will cannot be thwarted by our will. All things he does are perfect and are not subject to a variety of scenarios."

Augustine himself interpreted that GOd's will that ALL be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth is not ALL in the sense of every individual, but ALL in the sense of all types of peoples, races, sexes and stations.

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