Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
This is helping.  Let me make my question a little more specific.

I understand that our salvation is allowed/willed by God.  We can't simply "be good" and have that be enough to get to Heaven.  Supposing two Catholics lived lives of equal temporal merit- they followed church teaching, discipline, evangelized, lived according to the precepts of the Church, Ten Commandments, etc.  They were, in every earthly respect, saints.  They were the kind of men who, if you bet on such things, would wager they would be in Heaven.  ETA They both die in in the state of grace.

But only one of them received efficacious grace while the other received only sufficient grace.  Will only the one who received efficacious grace reach Heaven? 

Christs sacrifice was enough to save all, but not all will be saved.  Is this because not all accept God's grace, or because not all receive God's <i>efficacious</i> grace?

For example, what are the points of the sacraments if we can only be saved by God's efficacious grace?  Or the point of anything, for that matter?
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