Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(07-20-2011, 09:06 PM)Silouan Wrote:
(07-20-2011, 05:13 PM)Christus Imperat Wrote: Again, I invite Melkite, Silouan and others to bring other patristic sources to the table.  It IS a tough question and a mystery that cannot be completely resolved.  Thus, whatever light other Fathers and Saints can shed upon it is welcome.  But it does not do us any good if you simply say that I think St. Thomas and St. Augustine are wrong and their teaching makes God unfair, or something to that effect. 

We could discuss the Homily of St. John Chrysostom, for example. 

It seems to me that this question is one that developed in a very specific theological and spiritual context that is peculiar to Latin Catholic and by extension Protestant Christianity. I've never seen this discussed at any length by the various Eastern traditions. It's a question that seems to just not be asked. Perhaps that is why St Thomas appears to be the primary authority?  :shrug:

I think there is a lot of truth to this.  It seems that this is a debate that never really came up in the East.  On the other hand, since the time of St. Augustine and Pelagius, no shortage of ink has been spilled in the West on such questions, perhaps partly because the Christological controversy wasn't as acute in the West.

I read somewhere once that you can learn something of the character of the East and West by examining which heresies disturbed each.

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