Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(07-21-2011, 08:59 AM)Melkite Wrote: Because if he is going to hell no matter what he does, he may want to eat drink and be merry so he can get some small enjoyment out of his existence.  If I tried to be good and denied myself in this life to avoid hell, and then found out that I was predtermined to go to hell anyway, i'd be all the more pissed at God for tricking me into thinking my efforts were worth something and thereby making my existence purely one of frustration, denying me even any momentary enjoyment of my existance before I received my irresistable eternal punishment.

I think God does not reveal how all this works and instead urges us to be "perfect" and to enter the "narrow gate" precisely because knowing these things would cause them to interfere with free will.

This is the reality: we are sinful. We are sick and cannot be healed completely in this life. I think lack of knowledge of our own future is important for us to allow us to do what we must do to enter into Heaven.

When the women in Japan won that world cup, someone happened to be watching it on TV in my house. I checked the news (as I routinely do) on my computer and noticed that the headline about Japan winning the world cup was the game this person was watching. I had knowledge of how the game turned out before it was revealed to the people watching it. I knew there would be a "shocking" win for Japan at the last minute. I watched two people excited over the action of the game. I later commented that I knew who was going to win and how and joked that the huddle (or whatever they call it) they showed on TV with the Japanese coach coaching his team was useless as they were going to win any way...but would they have won had they know what I knew? (Yes, this is about a gap in timing of media, but let us pretend...).

If we trust in God as God tells us to do, then we can have hope. Maybe this is what allows us to be saved in the first place. We don't know until it is over so it is not a factor in how we make our choices.

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