Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
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(07-21-2011, 08:44 AM)Rosarium Wrote: It is clear that it is better to live a proper Christian life according to one's calling than to worry too much about exactly how God works.

It's kind of worrisome to think that your entire lifes work towards loving God and choosing to accept His grace doesn't matter if He doesn't give you the right grace, don't you think?  I don't see how such a teaching is compatible with the concept of free will.  The two seem absolutely and completely mutually exclusive.

Why worry?

Because if he is going to hell no matter what he does, he may want to eat drink and be merry so he can get some small enjoyment out of his existence.  If I tried to be good and denied myself in this life to avoid hell, and then found out that I was predtermined to go to hell anyway, i'd be all the more pissed at God for tricking me into thinking my efforts were worth something and thereby making my existence purely one of frustration, denying me even any momentary enjoyment of my existance before I received my irresistable eternal punishment.

Even under the doctrine of Luis de Molina or St. John Chrysostom, it is already certain whether you and I are numbered among the elect or among the reprobate.  It is not certain to us.  But it is certain to God, regardless of which doctrine you hold on grace and predestination.

We might look at the example of Judas and St. Peter as well.  Judas was predestined to be a son of perdition.  St. Peter was predestined to be the solid rock on which the Church would be built.  Both sinned against Our Lord, but one repented and the other did not.

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