Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Quote: Pelagianism is the Logical outgrowth of Molinism,because itsays that man's freewill is the deciding factor in his salvation, when it is the grace of God.

That would come as a shock to St. Robert Bellarmine.

Molinism doesn't say that man's free will is the deciding factor.  It says God predetermines His elect for His secret knowledge.  Molinists claim that God sets up His sovereign plan taking into account man's free will.  So man's free will is A factor in HOW man is saved (Grace being the other).  However, for most Molinists, it is not a factor at all  in WHY someone is elect.  That is on God's secret purpose alone.  Now supposedly some Molinist's claim that God considers man's response in determining who is elect.  I believe they would be heretics.  But then again, the reprobate are damned BECAUSE of their evil acts.

The 2nd Council of Orange is binding upon Catholics according to the CE.  The Canons were authored by a Pope, then fleshed out by the Council.  The Council's final canons were then confirmed by another Pope.  They are also based upon scripture.  The 1st Council of Orange is not binding.  I doubt 1 in 100 Catholics could even say what it discussed.  I couldn't.

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