Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Melkite, the fundamental difference between us is our view of Original Sin.

THe Augustinian/THomistic View of Sin is that IN ADAM all men are guilty of his sin, and the guilt we have from the original act of Adam's sin is real and individually personal. THat is the infallible teaching of the Church at Trent. That the guilt of Adam's sin is in each as his own.

Also, the Augustinian view of Man born in original sin is not of total depravity (none of us are always as bad as we could be) but that we are totally unable apart from the Premotion of God's grace and will to be spiritually pleasing. We could be naturally good (as in, not that bad), but not supernaturally good (as in we cannot do anything that merits or calls down God's grace). Everything is man cooperating with God, true, But God is ALWAYS and without exception the initiator of the enabling grace which empowers men to desire him. We can have NO thought or desire for him that he has not first implanted within us.

GOd is the great lover who woo's the hearts of men. His divine love in our hearts draws us to him and keeps us safe. But Cupidity, the concupiscence of the flesh (which is not sin) always wars in our members to draw us away from Christ. SO man is always at war within himself, either yielding to the VIctorious delight of God's grace, or to the Carnal cupidity of the flesh.

It should also be mentioned that the will of man is not fully and really free. It is only somewhat free. This is apparent to anyone who has been to confession.

What kind of freedom is it to bow down to sin and to give into temptation and to constantly yield to the lust of the flesh? Could you really call the insatiable siren-song of lust "freedom?" Are you really "free" when you find your passions guiding your will, and not your intellect? Are you really "free" when you find yourself merely a slave to habit and constant destructive patterns of thought and behavior? No.

"He who serves sin is a slave to sin." Now, our wills serve sin, therefore, they are NOT fully free in the unregenerate man.

Freedom is not the same as the ability to choose.

Freedom is a virtue: It is the ability to do what we OUGHT to do, and to do what is RIGHT. License is the ability to do whatever we want. But license is a sin, and sin enslaves. Therefore,  the act of choosing sin is a form of slavery.

It is ONLY in the regenerate man that he finds the freedom of the will, for then the grace of God comes to a man, empowering him and enabling him to be able to CHOOSE God.
THen, man is made truly free. Your will, in sin, can never ascend to God unless God first descends to lift it up.

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