Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Quote:It should also be mentioned that the will of man is not fully and really free. It is only somewhat free. This is apparent to anyone who has been to confession.

What kind of freedom is it to bow down to sin and to give into temptation and to constantly yield to the lust of the flesh? Could you really call the insatiable siren-song of lust "freedom?" Are you really "free" when you find your passions guiding your will, and not your intellect? Are you really "free" when you find yourself merely a slave to habit and constant destructive patterns of thought and behavior? No.

You said later in this post that freedom is the ability to choose what we ought to do and what is right.  I agree with that.  And we can only have the strength and fortitude to do that through God's grace.  So in a manner, God's grace is the only way to be free.

But I don't agree with the quoted statement as being true for man as a whole.  It is only an illustration that sin is enslaving, not that the will of man can't be fully free.  It is an individual case by case, wouldn't you think?
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