Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
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(07-21-2011, 05:07 PM)Walty Wrote: Yes, but remember that true freedom is not to exist in a state where a multiplicity of options are open to you, but, to exist in a state in which you can choose the good.  St. Thomas says that the movement of a man's will to the good comes primarily from God, and only secondarily by the man.  To put it in another way, that movement of the will is done (and can only be done) by God.  However, man still assents to it and gives himself over to that movement in the same way that a man fallen into a river can fight or go with the flow, so to speak.

If you take away the movement of the will towards good from God's providence and give it to man then you put God almost as a secondary figure in the act of salvation, or at least an equal player.  It's a partnership, which isn't possible theologically.  Yes, He offers us salvation, but then He has to passively wait to see if we will accept it or not, something which He has absolutely no control over and yet is the heart and soul of man's existence.

We remove God from the most intimate and powerful act in all of creation.

Ok, now you are just bordering on heresy. 

Go read your Augustine and Thomas.

Heresy doesn't become orthodox because Augustine and Aquinas accepted it.  The fact that they are fathers and doctors doesn't mean they couldn't be material heretics on individual issues.

Which heresy are you alleging against Ss. Augustine and Aquinas?  Provide Canons of Councils or Papal documents that support your position.  Otherwise, you are just spouting an opinion, with no basis in anything, which slanders perhaps the two greatest Doctors in Church history.

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