Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
I have to say, this bears a lot of similarities to the age old argument between nondenominationalists between "Calvinism" and "Arminianism".  As a nondenom, I was arminian in the extreme, even shifting towards deism in between protestantism and my conversion experience.

Now I am less free will obsessed, but still tentatively a "Molinist".  However, I do not think belief in one or the other school will "send anyone to hell", e.g., for most I doubt it is sinful.  I cannot say the same for "hyper" or "fivepoint" Calvinism, which I remain convinced is a lie from the pit of Hell, at least insofar as it is believed by the more Church-hating of its proponents. 

I'm kind of curious as to the level of condemnation in the Church for "arminianism" and how is compares to Molinism, since I couldn't find it succintly on the interwebs.

Trying not to hijack the thread though.  I have to say, hopefully Catholics who get right with god through the grace of regular sacramental worship will laugh about our disagreements on this stuff in the beatific Presence.

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