Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Ok, Walty, this is a rough copy and paste job, but here you go:

St. Ambrose explains, "that having granted the law to all, He excludes no one from His kingdom."
"The Son of Righteousness," we are told by St. Gregory the Theologian, "shown forth for all, lived for all and died and is risen for all."
"Grace," says the divine Chrysostom (St. John), "though it is grace, yet it saves only those who desire."
"Salvation," according to the words of the Theologian (St. Gregory), "must be our work and God's."
This is the view of St. Gregory of Nyssa: "The righteous judgement of God takes into consideration our disposition. He grants to us according to our inner feelings."
"Foreknowledge of God, the Theologian tells us, is intuitive and not active."

There were also references from St. John of Damascus and St. Basil the Great, but I didn't include them because they weren't direct quotes.  If you read the article, it makes more sense.


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