Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Okay, here is the problem, the POPE and the Ecumenical councils are the final court of appeal, NOT the Fathers and NOT the Scriptures.

The MAGISTERIAL DOCUMENTS of the Church are the IMMEDIATE source of faith. For all rites and particular churches within the Catholic Church.

The Fathers and the Scriptures are REMOTE sources of faith.

THerefore, when defining an issue of faith, we turn to the magisterial sources FIRST.

And one major Magisterial source is the Tractoria of Pope Zosimus. He issued this Document to ALL the Bishops of the Church, east and west, condemning Pelagianism. This document was an official endorsement of the XVI Council of Carthage. Therefore, the Bishops, of both east and west, were obliged to accept the XVI Council of Carthage under pain of excommunication. St. Augustine HIMSELF was in attendance at the XVI Council of Carthage, and ALL the language of that Council is Augustinian Language.

Catholic Encyclopedia


" Having received the Acts of the Council of Carthage, Zosimus sent to all the bishops of the world his famous "Epistola tractoria" (418) of which unfortunately only fragments have come down to us. This papal encyclical, a lengthy document, gives a minute account of the entire "causa Caelestii et Pelagii", from whose works it quotes abundantly, and categorically demands the condemnation of Pelagianism as a heresy. The assertion that every bishop of the world was obliged to confirm this circular by his own signature, cannot be proved, it is more probable that the bishops were required to transmit to Rome a written agreement; if a bishop refused to sign, he was deposed from his office and banished. A second and harsher rescript, issued by the emperor on June 9, 419, and addressed to Bishop Aurelius of Carthage (P.L., XLV, 1731), gave additional force to this measure. Augustine's triumph was complete. In 418, drawing the balance, as it were, of the whole controversy, he wrote against the heresiarchs his last great work, "De gratia Christi et de peccato originali" "

Oh, Fun fact: Zosimus was a Greek!

The Tractoria was also ratified at the Ecumenical Council of Ephesus.

I will demonstrate.

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