Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
"To the first point, that's exactly where my question leads.  If that is the case, how then can the Church be said to have maintained the Apostolic Faith, if it has accepted as its own a doctrine that many of the Fathers did not hold?" -Melkite

You know,I was re-reading, and I realized:

When did the east EVER persevere in Orthodoxy for MORE than 200 years?!

IT was CONSTANTINOPLE that gave in to first Nesotrianism....THen Eutychianism...Then Monothelitism...then Iconoclasm...then the Schism of Photius, to say nothing of Acacia...

It was Alexandria that gave in to Arianism,  Eutychianism (Though this is arguable), Then Patripassianism, then Monothelitism....

It was Jerusalem that Gave in to Eutychianism, then to Monothelitism....

It was ANTIONCH THat gave in to Apollinaianism, Eutychianism, Nestorianism, MOnothelitism...

In fact, all 4 sees were in Schism AND heresy from ROme simultaneously in the 7th century!

Now, what heresy has conquered Rome?....?

Although in the west we have had Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism and Arianism, these NEVER TOUCHED the Holy see, nor issued forth from any Pontiff as the teaching of the church in an official capacity.

So why would you worry about the WEST being heretical when the EAST can't go more than a couple hundred years before rolling like over like a "wave tossed by the wind."?

Remember too, North Africa was like the Bible-Belt in the Roman Empire. I mean After Rome, it was North Africa that preserved orthodoxy with great consistency.

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