Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(07-31-2011, 11:24 PM)Silouan Wrote:
(07-31-2011, 10:23 PM)Gregory I Wrote: Ok here is the problem Melkite. Scripture teaches that it is not he who wills or works, but it is GOD who calls. We cannot work our salvation unless his grace precedes us. It is semi-pelagian to think the reprobate can will their way to GOD. The reprobate, this whom GOD doesnt give grace to, doNOT desire him. They do not miss out on anything, BECAUSE they don't want him, because they are not called. There is no injustice here.

But God is not just in the human sense of the word. He is just because He is good. It is not loving and merciful for God to offer one individual the opportunity to accept Him and not another individual.

Utterly false. THAT is a human understanding of justice, clouded by sentimentalism.

1. We all deserve hell from the instant of conception.
2. Therefore, it is just that all mankind be condemned. Therefore, it is good. For God's justice is good.
3. God is UNDER NO OBLIGATION to save ANYBODY. Since all are condemned, it would be just if he allowed all to go to hell. And this would be good, because, he is good.
4. But God is always merciful, and he chooses to show forth his mercy that he may be more perfectly glorified: In both mercy, and in justice.
5. THEREFORE, Those whom God wills to save are in no position to brag: For the election of God to righteousness is unconditional. As the apostle says: "Not by works of our own righteousness, but by his mercy he saved us.
6. HOWEVER, none can know if they are elected to final glory; for there are some who believe for awhile and fall away. And there are some to whom God gives the gift of perseverance. Those who believe and fall away were TRULY JUST, but because of their sinfulness, they reject the gift of God. Therefore, because of their foreseen rejection, they are not elected to glory.
7. Just because some are elected to persevere does not mean there is no effort involved. For the apostle says, in light of our ignorance, "Make every attempt to make your calling and election sure."

We cannot impose a human understanding of justice on God, or our own perception of fairness.

What is just is what God has declared Just. Romans 9 says it all.

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