Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
I'm still following this thread and I'm probably going back in time by pointing this out.  But the way it seems to be presented is that if God gives us the grace to be saved, we will be.  That kind of predestination eliminates all purpose of good works and faith.  Why even go to mass or do anything right ever if doing those things is absolutely useless in comparison with God's grace?  Yeah, I know by the grace of God do we do good but why ever do it in teh first place?  Why don't we just live degenerately until the grace of God shows up and purges us of everything or just keep up our delinquency and meet our end in Hell?  After all, its not like we have any say in the matter.

We are not saved without God's grace.  It is absolutely necessary and without it there is absolutely no hope of salvation.  But His grace is resistible.  We don't have to love him.  Evidenced by sin.  Everyone sins.  We'll all probably sin sometime this week.  By the grace of God we can reject sin- but His Grace is not an impenetrable fortress by which we no longer are capable of offending Him.  St Peter denied Christ three times, and he did it immediately following Holy Communion.  If we want to, we will sin.  And if we want to, <i>with</i> God's grace we can reject it. 

It doesn't seem right that we're all left drawing proverbial straws to see who gets damned and who doesn't.  "Let Us make man in Our image and likeness"  that is, knowing the difference between good and evil.  For what reason would God make mankind with a conscience if He was just going to offer salvation like t-shirts out of a cannon at a baseball game?  God doesn't create banality.

Baltimore Catechism <b>Why did God make me?</b> To know Him, to love Him and serve Him in this world so that I can be happy with Him in the next. 

A better answer would probably be: I have no clue since my actions in this life mean nothing unless He arbitrarily decides to give me grace. 

Like I said, I'm totally on page with God's grace being the necessary and qualifying agent for salvation.  But to say that He only offers His grace to some and those are the ones who are saved not only shows that God creates people with the intent of sending them to Hell (and I dont' even have a problem with the whole "paradox" of "why would God create a soul He knows will go to Hell" because it always seemed to me that that soul went to Hell of it's own accord by rejecting God's grace.  But it would seem now that a soul goes to Hell because God wants it to- else why wouldn't He give it the necessary means to be accepted or rejected- and that's not true) but that those He saved necessarily had no part in it- they could have been Catholics or Muslims or even Jews.  Atheists.  And that's not right either.

Will still continue to watch the thread.

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