Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(08-02-2011, 03:20 AM)Gregory I Wrote: BUT he sends them there. THey don't get there by themselves.


Why does everyone ant to deny the justice of God?

God is sovereign over all things. He calls who he will to be saved, and he allows those who he wills to be damned. NOT BECAUSE HE DOESN'T LOVE THEM; but on account of their foreseen sinfulness.

For Go forsees the sinfulness of man, and he knows who will not repent. THerefore, those who will never come to him are elected to suffering because of THEIR OWN EVIL. THis is a conditional election to reprobation.

But God Also clearly wills some to be saved: and these infallibly come to him, for he makes his grace delightful to them and they WANT to come to him, of their own free will.

Predestination is nothing more than God's FOREKNOWLEDGE of the gifts that he has eternally chosen to give men. THerefore, those whom he has elected from the foundation of the world to be saved, are in effect predestined to be saved.

THose whom he has chosen not to save, on accont of their FORESEEN SINFULNESS are elected to reprobation BECAUSE OF THEIR FREE SINFULNESS.

Therefore God makes some vessels of wrath (not that he creates simply to damn, but face it, he creates those whom he KNOWS will reject him), as St. Paul says, and Vessels of glory, to show forth both his mercy and his justice. This is the teaching of the Latin Fathers of the church, who are just as authoritative as those in the east. Even more authoritative are those who are given papal approbation.


Therefore it is the doctrine of Augustine, and not Molinas that should resume its former splendor in the church.

God in His Home has only those that love Him.

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