Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
"He is morality. The problem is not Him but rather humanities distorted view of Him."

This is True.

"If God is just and merciful and condemns countless millions of souls to unspeakable torment for all eternity then how am I to behave?"

Once again, your deliberate and willful ignorance is clear, after so many corrections, you still contumaciously believe that Augustine taught that GOd willy-nilly damns people who are "innocent."

1. NO one is innocent. No one.
2. Man deserves damnation on the basis of justice. or do you deny this?
3. Man is not randomly swept by God into torment; rather, Man's sinfulness and hardness of heart are foreknown by God, and ON THAT BASIS these reprobates are elected to damnation. BECAUSE OF THEIR FORESEEN SINFULNESS.
4. YOu are to praise God for his justice is how you are to behave.

" If I have to subject objectionable people to torture or maybe even kill a few it pales in comparison to what our "loving" God will do to them. After all I am made in His image and likeness. Need I be more merciful than God? "

This is a farce. Plain and simple; no Augustinian thinks this way, as does NO christian. WE cannot judge the state of a man's soul. But God CAN and DOES. And the state of EVERY MAN'S SOUL FROM THE INSTANT OF CONCEPTION is eternal damnation. Or do you assert that unregenerate man is saved de facto, and only loses heaven through sin which he learns from the bad example of others? If so, you are a Pelagian and a heretic. If not, good, you are at least a semi-Augustinian so far...

Plus, this is simply ridiculous. You are insinuating that the judgements of God are harsher than they should be, and therefore unjust. OUR damnation is the fulfillment of justice. But God is Not justice only, but MERCY for those who believe.

"This view of God says that mankind is inherently bad and out to be subjected to pain and suffering. How many of the nastier chapters of Medieval European history might have been avoided, the Inquisition, the torture an

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